Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nov 14 Celebration

Children's Day at St. Mary's Public School, Puthuppally, Kottayam this year is a global affair. This year, Fr. Joseph Mathew, Manager became a member of Hello Little World Skypers, with me as their Mentor.

I have linked Fr. Joseph with my Personal Learning Network, HLWS. As this is the continuation of a series of activities I have been doing online, I changed the blog address to that of St. Marys Public School today. I have added Fr. Joseph as a Co-author to this blog.

I met father at Kumarakom Aqualillies Homestay. Mr. Kosygin Andrews, my friend and a classmate of Fr. Joseph introduced me to to Fr. Joseph.

In our project, we propose to promote Reciprocal Tourism through connected learning, as detailed at the blog post.

Recently, we announced this project at a Press Meeting at Kottayam. Media gave this project a very good coverage, as the project is designed with ecology and economy in focus - as one of UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goals.

TV Channels reported the Press Meet and the FREE eLearning for Content WikiEducator Awareness training held at Grand College.

In order to help their viewers, TV channels now use this project to discharge their Corporate Social Responsibility to their own viewers. Channels arrange a WikiEducator Awareness program; at this workshop, I invite the prticipants to use Free and Open Educational Resources for lifelong learning and continual upgradation of their knowledge.

Now, St. Mary's Public School joins the campaign to help people learn languages through connected learning with staff and students of HLWS members.

Children's Day Celebration at St Mary's Public School
This promises to be a grand affair! Messages from HLWS members, eager to join the celebration online, have started pouring in. Some have already sent their Skype Video messages, wishing the school for the day and affirming their support at connected learning.

Message from Janet Barnstable, Global Virtual Classroom

Message from Ajit Mishra, JoinStudy

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SOS: Sell Online Skills

Malayala Manorama publishes a weekly update: Login to Success. Successful entrepreneurs, excited young graduates, affirm this is the right time to tap the world of opportunities in cyberspace.

Innovative mobile applications designed and deployed by these successful entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm. Manorama recently spoke of stay-at-home mothers working as Online Marketers on facebook. I plan to conduct a series of online sessions to invite my team to mine the internet diamond mine.

We walk on acres of diamonds, never knowing what is afoot! On Monday, 9 July at 8:00 p.m., I have arranged a training session. It will be collaborative. We will use Skype for the audio chat and wiziq's whiteboard and other resources.

Online YouTube Workshop on Google Plus

Today, I plan a collaborative learning session: Using YouTube in the Classroom.
The lesson will be based on the following slideshare by Lucy Gray.
Learners may please play the slideshow, visit the links and be ready to contribute at the learning journey.

The lesson is on Google Plus although we will have Skype in the background until Google Plus is mastered. Lesson is at 3:00 pm on Sunday 8 July 2012.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Starting a Spcial Entreprise

I have decided to go for all the courses at Alison, a WikiEducator Project.

Study a course and get a badge to display it on the blog.
I should be able to learn and walk tall.

Twitter as a PLN

The simple micro-blog Twitter has been used to worked marvels by its users.
Twitter has become an important part of 21st century skills.

Project of WikiEducator has a portal named Alison that has thousands of online training programs to help anyone upgrade their employable skills for FREE!!

Each One Teach One

My friend Govinda Prasad Panthy, Nepal has set up a school to help the marginalized poor people there. He is an active member of Hello Little World Skypers and Global Classroom 2011-12. These two educational networks have change agent teachers dead bent on forestalling the digital divide.

Govinda's school needs faster Internet and more computers. His daughter has promised to work as my co-facilitator to teach Vedic Maths FREE to members of both groups. She is sure, her service will bless her school with faster internet.

Devaraj Raju and his friends have launched a simple project to help their Nepalese friends. They have launched a project where they will be teaching GeoGebra to students abroad and use the honorarium collected to help Govinda's school.

How to Create Your First Website

 A great training program to help newbies create a website.
Any online teacher can create a website and use it to market online teaching, teach online, collect money and court financial success.